Thoughts on the cabinet reshuffle

1. It is a tacit admission that Osborne has got things very badly wrong.

You could see Osborne’s arrogance and lack of understanding by the number of roles he had to change and the stunning weakness of his team. Chloe Smith really summed it up. By all accounts she is very able but with no financial experience at all and in pony tails the last time the UK economy was facing anything remotely this bad. The people who are analysing this crisis most effectively tend to be at least in their 40s but often in their 60s. Simply because they worked through the 1970s and early 1980s and have some reference point for the way politicians now run markets and have damaged if not destroyed the “invisible hand”.

One interesting development over the last twenty years has been the degree to which PMs and Chancellors have become an item. Thatcher went through a number of Chancellors and seemed to have no problem binning them. Major had his reputation, however, firmly tied to that of Lamont and then Clarke. Blair and Brown became utterly inseparable and Blair simply felt the latter was unsackable, however awful he was. Cameron is similarly linked to Osborne.

So it seems Osborne has finally either learnt something or had change imposed…..Javid, Clark, McLoughlin. Thats probably the most important part of reshuffle. I think its hard to overstate how badly let down many Tories feel by Osborne. He has a lot of work to do.

2. I have absolutely no idea why Jeremy Hunt got a promotion.

Hunt has seriously overstepped the rules and I can’t believe he will escape/has escaped a reckoning. Along with Laws, it shows that the contempt the Labour government had for the law has continued into this administration. Its like watching a rerun of the banking crisis. The rules just don’t apply to the political class. This is a huge mistake.

3. Justine Greening.

As an ex councillor of the Heathrow flight path I have lots of thoughts on runway 3. Good and bad. One observation is that currently the debate is rather similar to HS2. The proponents are ignoring huge problems, principally lack of road and rail links to get more people to Heathrow, and dumping these problems on local communities. The Tories won most seats in this area by very small margins. Greening won against the tide in 2005. The entire campaign around here was to not allow this expansion. There are now a lot of very unhappy voters who are looking for a new home.

Greening gives the appearance of (a) being reasonably competent and (b) having principles. For these two things she seems to have been shunted out of a job she was making a fist of….I think that West London seats will suffer greatly from a serious piece of flip-flopping and bad management by Cameron and Osborne.

I would have thought Greening would have best been served by walking away from the cabinet and giving herself a chance of keeping her seat. Those ministerial cars are very beguiling it seems.

A few days ago when I was watching David Davies speak, someone said to me that for a bunch of people who have had no jobs and only ever been professional politicians they were remarkably amateurish. Will the great British public notice the difference? No, because much of what the UK Government does is as the cat’s paw of Brussels, so a rather dim chimpanzee could just as easily be set over us for all the actual power they have. But don’t worry about the EU. We have seen the high point of its power. It reminds me of the USSR circa 1988.

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  1. Amateurish MPs indeed. Know from personal/weekly experience. Cameron should have scrapped the pointless DPM posts and told Clegg to take a proper post in the Cabinet.

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