Peace? What is this “Peace” you speak of?

So, The European Union has won the Nobel Peace prize. Can someone tell me, why?

The BBC has today triumphantly proclaimed “The EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize for six decades of advancement of peace, reconciliation and human rights in Europe.” This, quite frankly is utter bollocks (you will excuse my use of bad language, I am annoyed). Nobel committee president Thorbjoern Jagland cited the EU’s “work over six decades of advancing “peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights”. This is also, utter bollocks.

The EU, or European Economic Community as it was known until 1992, had nothing to do with peace in the 20th century. It was not even a political organisation until the application of the Maastricht treaty (1992)! Between 1945-1990 “peace” in Europe was a result of Cold War brinkmanship, the unwillingness of the USA and USSR to engage each other in war, and the resultant shielding of their European satellites (see NATO). Once the iron curtain came down, Yugoslavia quickly descended into a protracted civil and racial conflict which saw years of terrible suffering, death and destruction This is not European peace.

It is also claimed that the EU has spread democracy to the former Communist states. These countries all established democracy by themselves, more than a decade before they acceded to the EU. This is also not European peace.

As I write this article, the Spanish government is mobilising troops against the Catalans, the Greeks are burning effigies of the German chancellor, rioting is rife, and the voice of extremist European political movements are as strong as ever. Spaniards, Greeks, Portuguese, Italians struggle terribly under the jack book of the Euro, their economies slowly being strangled to death by a malignant monetary policy. This is the opposite of European peace.

In short, this is an extraordinary piece of news, both confusing and outrageous. One shudders at the thought of the true reason why the EU has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. Because it certainly wasn’t awarded it for working for peace.

Edmund Greaves is co-editor of The Libertarian Press. He also writes travel articles at the

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