Tax cuts for Eurocrats; tax rises for us

Taxes are rising.

The EU wants a budget hike, 6.8% to be precise, something that numerous Labour & Lib DEM MEPs backed, in addition to one Malcolm Harbour MEP, Conservative representative in the European “Parliament” to the taxpaying citizens of the West Midlands.

Last week 53 brave and brilliant rebel Conservative MPs joined forces with Labour MPs to support Mark Reckless’ amendment which called for a real-terms cut in the EU budget. I cannot fathom why Cameron thought it would be anything but a good idea to call for his party to back this amendment; as it is, Brussels are very unlikely to respect the views of our lowly national parliament, it is almost certain that a deal will not be reached and the budget will increase in line with inflation. Cameron looks like a weak leader, the EU’s overarching power is once again illustrated and his status as a dyed in the wool Europhile is entrenched.

So taxes will definitely rise to fund this rise. Business taxes too are going up. Energy prices are about to increase drastically, in part due to energy taxes which fund useless windfarms…

But there is one place set for a tax cut.

Brussels. The same Brussels that is hell bent on embezzling ever increasing levels of taxes from European taxpayers.

Two years ago the EU applied a 5.5% levy on employees of the European Institutions in an apparent gesture to show that we are all in this together. A lovely press release it made, I am sure, but it was time limited and in January this will be lifted. In effect, a 5.5% tax cut for Eurocrats. This will be coupled with a likely pay rise of 2-3.7%.

A great time to be a Eurocrat. Yet they will still be striking in November.

Mind. Boggles.

Alexandra Swann Brussels based Europarl assistant to a UKIP MEP Anarcho-Libertarian, currently fighting through 1st year of a Doctorate in Intellectual History on Herbert Spencer and Land Tenure Reform “The Future Face of UKIP” – Michael White, The Guardian Former Tory Parliamentary Researcher Former Deputy Chairman of Conservative Future

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