You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows!

If I park an expensive car in certain parts of many of the world’s cities, I know what is likely to happen to it.  It may not be right that it happens but happen it will.  If I offer the keys of a safe to a thief, I know exactly what he is going to do.  His response may be wrong but that is frankly of little relevance in the real world!

If I offer the citizens of a poor country lots of cheap or apparently free money, I know they will take it and use it to do as little work as possible and have a good time.  I should not be surprised – and I do not think I have much justification to condemn them either – for it is exactly what I expect and, crucially, it is my actions which have led to i.e. caused theirs.

What I have just described is what the governments of Germany and France have done to the people of Greece, Spain and Portugal – and, increasingly we now see, to Italy as well.

When the Euro was created, it was built on two lies.  The first is that they cooked the books to make the economic positions of certain countries look a lot better than they were.

The second lie is much worse and much more serious.  They told the markets that from now on the risk in lending to Greece or Spain was the same as that of lending to Germany or Finland.  The Greeks and Spanish behaved exactly as you would expect them to: they said “hurrah”, took the money and went on a binge.

A decade later, the lies have been exposed and the chickens come home to roost.

The EU elite want you to believe that the Euro-crisis is caused by nasty bankers and credit rating agencies who really ought to be in jail.  That is another lie or, at best, an incomplete and very complex half-truth.

It is actually very simple.  The euro is systemically or structurally flawed.  It was made that way because that is what the political class wanted.  Now that class is having to live with the consequences.  Instead of acknowledging their lies and stupidity, they are trying to blame others – “not our fault gov”, they say – when it is exactly their fault.

They also want us to help them clear up the mess.  That means they want us to help them pay for it.

This is not the behaviour of people who I want to trust my money or sovereignty to – or, even, associate with.

It is time to leave the EU club.  You simply cannot trust the people who set it up and run it.

And I do not understand how any sane, rational, intelligent person can think anything else!

Tony Brown is co-editor of The Libertarian Press. He works for the EFD Group in the European Parliament.

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