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2501stoep.jpg.crop_displayFor Libertarian Press, it is clearly delightful to be able to tell the world of a new libertarian political party.

It’s a delight, we are for once able to indulge.

The party is Dutch and calls itself Artikel50 – a reference to Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.  Its founder and leader is the Dutch MEP Daniel van der Stoep and LP wishes him and the party every success in forthcoming elections.

Artikel50 provides the Dutch people with a very useful new choice.

The party is positioning itself as EUsceptic, libertarian and secular: classic libertarian-conservatism.

As such it is distinct from the PVV whose attitude to Islam is seen by many as tipping over into Islamophobia.

It describes itself and the origin of its name in this way … 

The name “Artikel50” (Article 50), derives from the Treaty of Lisbon, which states that: “Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.”  Artikel50 is of the opinion that the Netherlands should act accordingly and leave the European Union as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the article also refers to article 50 of the Dutch constitution, which states that: “The States General shall represent the entire people of the Netherlands”.

Artikel50 is not against a form of a union between European countries, but does oppose the current European Union. That is why Artikel50 wants a referendum on leaving for the Netherlands. 

Artikel50 is a classic-liberal and secular party that believes in Dutch sovereignty and strives for the freedom of every citizen to determine their fate.

It is very important that parties like ours work together in the European Union. We both believe that self-governing nations are the cornerstones of international cooperation and we strongly believe that it is not the treaty organization the European Union that bring European countries together, but more so the idea that European countries can work together based on mutual trust and friendship without dictatorship from Brussels.

We love Europe, a beautiful continent, but we are against this terrible union.

The Dutch government refuses an opt-out referendum, since they lost the referendum on the European Constitutions.  

Daniel van der Stoep says: “they are cowards, because they do not trust their own citizens. Let democracy speak. We demand a referendum. We are not afraid of the Dutch citizens.

I’d rather lose a referendum a thousand times than to never get one,” he adds.

The party’s website is


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