How Britain gets it right where the EU gets it wrong

UK-vs.-EU-460x250We are frequently asked how the UK and the EU approaches differ and ‘what is the alternative to the EU approach?’

This simple list answers those questions:

EU v. UK

‘one-size-fits-all’ v. ‘horses-for-courses’

harmonisation v. mutual-recognition 

(uniformity) v. (‘live-and-let-live’) 

bureaucratic-monitoring v. complaint-driven

(admin – needed or not) v. (no complaint, no action needed)

In short…

Bureaucracy v. Freedom and tolerance.

It will be readily apparent that the EU approach:

– requires massive amounts of bureaucracy

– administration is an end-in-itself, giving rise to ‘victimless crime’ 

(the paperwork is not correct!)

– cannot tolerate deviation from the ‘norm’

– is fundamentally restrictive and limiting

– stifles innovation and initiative.

By contrast, the ‘Anglo-saxon’ approach is the nearest one can achieve in the real world to the opposite – to deliver tolerance and freedom.  This ‘English’ approach:

– allows infinite variety to grow and flourish

– only bothers with administration and paperwork for a useful purpose

– has limits and boundaries rather than requiring conformity

– encourages tolerance

– stimulates innovation and initiative.

We would add that we believe that the UK approach is the right way to deliver growth and prosperity, to maximise individual happiness and thus make the real world a better place. 

Of course, the EU COULD have adopted the Anglo-Saxon approach: it didn’t!

All politics has to have an approach to life – what academics would call an underlying philosophy.  We believe this short paper provides it for the UK in any BREXIT negotiation.

_MG_7962Tony Brown master

Diane James MEP and Tony Brown, EFDD  

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