Normal parameters

If you were to express to a politician the well-argued view that a policy that politician supported was unconstitutional, you would get a reasoned argument in response. Not necessarily a good argument, but an argument. Some people arrive at the position by tortuous reasoning and others by self-rationalization. A few are probably not even sincere. […]

Appointing Pence is not enough

Mike Pence is decent, talented and experienced. He is a true conservative: a happy warrior, for free markets, constitutional rights and for social conservatism. In every particular, therefore, he is the opposite of Donald Trump. Trump is not talented or decent and has no significant experience or knowledge. He is no sort of conservative, and […]

Clinton has been caught lying

It seems that the most exciting possible development of the presidential election is now unlikely: 72 hours after interviewing her, the FBI has recommended against prosecuting Hillary Clinton. But, let’s be clear, the FBI has not cleared her. This is not a statement that she did not break the law or that there is not […]

Who will the Never Trump Republicans support?

The number of Republicans who have declared for Clinton has, thus far, been low. Names like Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State in the George W Bush administration, do not shift elections. But there are many people in the Republican Party who will never support Donald Trump, and for many excellent reasons. Most are waiting […]

Brexit – what does it really mean?

Opinion polls in the UK underestimated support for “Brexit” – Britain’s exit from the European Union. Blue collar workers in particular ignored pleadings of the Labour Party, which was almost united in arguing that Britain should remain in the EU, and either voted to leave or stayed at home. This may have implications for polling […]

Fishing for Success

For the UK, the EU’s Common Fisheries policy is a disaster.  In a booklet called ‘Stolen Seas’, we set out how.  Stay in the EU and the disaster can only continue. Leave and the world is our oyster! How do we make it so?  What should a post BREXIT UK fisheries policy look like? First, […]

The European Union betrayed the Czech Republic  – and would betray the United Kingdom too

  Prior to the forthcoming UK referendum on EU membership, the Prime Minister David Cameron attempted to negotiate better conditions for Britain´s membership – provided that the country remains in the EU. Will the EU meet its promises, however?  The case of the failed opt-out for the Czech Republic shows how EU promises mean nothing.  […]

A round about route to safety

Technology comes in two types: physical and social. They work in parallel. An obvious example was the introduction of the printing press. It made books cheaper, but this was useless to the large majority of people who couldn’t read. The social technology of literacy had to spread alongside the spread of printing presses. This took […]

Unbelievable folly: the ‘lose-lose’ EU climate policy

… I’d like to start by addressing two of the clichés — indeed the canards — that invariably come up in any debate about the EU and the environment. The first is: “We have to thank the EU for clean beaches” … or for employment rights, or health and safety, or whatever. Maybe I can […]

Cameron: Janus-faced Turkey?

It is fascinating to look at what the British Prime Minster has chosen to say about his, Britain’s and the EU’s relations with Turkey during his period of office. He has long put across a consistent message pro-Turkey – and its EU membership. January 2008: should Turkey join the EU? “I’m fully in favour it. […]