Delivering “Real” Free Trade?

No two political words in the English language are more misused and abused by the global political class than ‘Free Trade’.  Real free trade – as opposed to what so many claim to be ‘free trade’ – involves absolutely minimal restriction and unfettered market access. One only has to glance at the many, many pages […]

Brexit – what does it really mean?

Opinion polls in the UK underestimated support for “Brexit” – Britain’s exit from the European Union. Blue collar workers in particular ignored pleadings of the Labour Party, which was almost united in arguing that Britain should remain in the EU, and either voted to leave or stayed at home. This may have implications for polling […]

Fishing for Success

For the UK, the EU’s Common Fisheries policy is a disaster.  In a booklet called ‘Stolen Seas’, we set out how.  Stay in the EU and the disaster can only continue. Leave and the world is our oyster! How do we make it so?  What should a post BREXIT UK fisheries policy look like? First, […]

Unbelievable folly: the ‘lose-lose’ EU climate policy

… I’d like to start by addressing two of the clichés — indeed the canards — that invariably come up in any debate about the EU and the environment. The first is: “We have to thank the EU for clean beaches” … or for employment rights, or health and safety, or whatever. Maybe I can […]

Cameron: Janus-faced Turkey?

It is fascinating to look at what the British Prime Minster has chosen to say about his, Britain’s and the EU’s relations with Turkey during his period of office. He has long put across a consistent message pro-Turkey – and its EU membership. January 2008: should Turkey join the EU? “I’m fully in favour it. […]

Brexit offers unique opportunity to revitalise UK farming

The National Farmers Union of England and Wales (NFU) in April 2016 published the findings of a report written by Wageningen University and sponsored by the NFU regarding the impact of three possible post-Brexit trade scenarios. The report presented a relatively favourable outcome for UK farmers under two of these potential trade models, with the […]

Justice & The Law: what’s EUr problem?

When it comes to justice and the law, our starting point is terribly straight-forward… we believe in the rule of law. We want to explore the massive implications of EU membership for that simple yet pivotal principle. If you read almost any modern development theory – or, indeed, British history, you arrive at a central […]

EU roaming charge plans are good news? Think again!

And for the Tories – Vicky Ford gets it wrong On Tuesday, the European Parliament voted through EU proposals on mobile phone roaming charges.  This would have gone through without debate had I not tabled an amendment to reject, which at least allowed the issue to be debated again.  The roaming charges measure is being […]

Turkey: You couldn’t make it up.

The evolution of the immigration crisis, and Europe’s response to it, becomes increasingly bizarre.  If it weren’t so tragic and serious, you could call it farcical.  Yet in a way it’s a metaphor and an example for the sort of knee-jerk compassion that we saw from Simon Schama on BBC Question Time in Dover last […]

Blame the architect not the residents

– why free-marketeers should be far more sympathetic to Greece and far more critical of Germany than they are! I recently got on Facebook the following, glorious Blackadder pastiche… thanks Mark David Ivan Haley and Justin Trick.  Baldrick: “What I want to know, Sir, is, before there was a Euro there were lots of different types […]