2016: the greatest year ever

Let us begin with poverty. At the time, 2015 was an astonishing year. The global target had been to cut extreme poverty in half from the 1990 level, which was 37%. The actual level fell below 10% for the first time in history: little more than a quarter of the 1990 level. This was a […]

The Prevention and Cure for David A. Stockman’s Great Deformation

Let me disclose right up front that I have not yet completely read David A. Stockman’s seven hundred page bombshell of a book The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America.  It arrived a few days ago and I am making steady progress, however.  From several laudatory reviews, such as that by Detlev Schlichter, […]

The Myth of Green Energy

My old friend Struan Stevenson MEP (Con, Scotland) has been a leading campaigner against wind energy — and a thorn in the side of Alex Salmond, whose SNP government imagines it can power Scotland on 100% renewables.  He’s now written a new book “SO MUCH WIND: The Myth of Green Energy” [Amazon link]. Struan entitles his preface […]

LP Review: Seven Years in Tibet, by Heinrich Harrer

Seven Years in Tibet is a superb read. The autobiographical work of Heinrich Harrer provides an honest, perceptive, and perhaps unique account of pre-occupation Tibet. Harrer’s adventure over seven years is an enthralling story, an intriguing insight into the cultural, geographical, political, social, and ecumenical life of Tibet and its people in the period immediately before the Chinese […]