De-criminalisation of prostitution is the right policy

Fresh ESRC Research shows the 2009 UK government policy plans on prostitution were ill-conceived and based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the activity. What follows is an edited version of the Summary which demonstrates that de-criminalisation is the right policy option for the women themselves and for society at large. Prohibitionist restrictions will be counter-productive and […]

Cafe Con Piernas. A Chilean Cultural Experience.

We march through the business district of Santiago de Chile. 6 English guys. The mood is somewhat apprehensive. What we are about to do is something generally reserved for drunken behaviour at 3am. It’s 4pm and we are all stone cold sober. We enter a shopping gallery. It is filled with stationary shops. We arrive […]

Fidelity, Infidelity and Psychology

Is fidelity natural? There are those who would say that of course it is natural. There are of course, those who would argue to the contrary. For men, the minimum cost for reproduction is very low. All that is required is that he muster the energy required for a single act of sexual intercourse. By contrast, even the […]

Guide to EU+ Rules on Prostitution

Libertarians believe that people should know when they are breaking the law, particularly when the law is ambiguous, vague, unclear or widely flouted. What follows is a quick guide to the varying laws on prostitution in the 27 EU member states. Of course, the fact that something is illegal does not stop it happening, sometimes […]

Belle de Jour? “Unzipped” lifts the lid

 As Belle de Jour goes public, the author of ‘Unzipped’ (available on this site) lifts the lid on his world. Portcullis House is the ultra-modern building of MP’s offices next to Pugin’s nineteenth century Parliament. The attractive, young MP’s researcher books the restaurant on Friday when she is allowed to and I buy her lunch at a client’s expense to agree the letter her […]

Woman’s Lib = Man’s Freedom

A man goes to see his mistress and, because of the day he’s had, has the temerity to complain about bourgeois women and how he hates them and their values. The mistress, a clever and beautiful Russian, responds by demanding of him why men are such wankers. He gathers that she means this both literally […]