Brexit – what does it really mean?

Opinion polls in the UK underestimated support for “Brexit” – Britain’s exit from the European Union. Blue collar workers in particular ignored pleadings of the Labour Party, which was almost united in arguing that Britain should remain in the EU, and either voted to leave or stayed at home. This may have implications for polling […]

Fishing for Success

For the UK, the EU’s Common Fisheries policy is a disaster.  In a booklet called ‘Stolen Seas’, we set out how.  Stay in the EU and the disaster can only continue. Leave and the world is our oyster! How do we make it so?  What should a post BREXIT UK fisheries policy look like? First, […]

Brexit offers unique opportunity to revitalise UK farming

The National Farmers Union of England and Wales (NFU) in April 2016 published the findings of a report written by Wageningen University and sponsored by the NFU regarding the impact of three possible post-Brexit trade scenarios. The report presented a relatively favourable outcome for UK farmers under two of these potential trade models, with the […]

Going with the Flow

Keeping it all moving in the event of BREXIT The questions you ask determine the answers you get.  So, it would be for a BREXIT. Let us suggest what matters to an archipelago on the extreme western edge of a customs union becoming a state? It really is all about movement – of people, goods […]

Freedom through BREXIT: delivering the freedom to choose to be different

The British political class hates Brexit. When one of their own, Boris, says he wants it, he comes in for the ‘treatment’ – a ‘no-holds-barred’ personal attack by a Tory columnist in a national newspaper.  David Cameron has not exactly been kind to colleagues who take a different view.  His party shows again its ‘nasty’ […]

How Britain gets it right where the EU gets it wrong

We are frequently asked how the UK and the EU approaches differ and ‘what is the alternative to the EU approach?’ This simple list answers those questions: EU v. UK ‘one-size-fits-all’ v. ‘horses-for-courses’ harmonisation v. mutual-recognition  (uniformity) v. (‘live-and-let-live’)  bureaucratic-monitoring v. complaint-driven (admin – needed or not) v. (no complaint, no action needed) In short… Bureaucracy […]

This isn’t an Emergency Brake.  This is a car crash.

When is protection not protection?  When it doesn’t protect, that’s when! Mr. Cameron is proud of his “emergency brake” on in-work migrant benefits.  Let’s leave aside the fact that the Office of Budget Responsibility takes the view that cutting migrant benefits will have little effect on immigration, because they come primarily for our many-times-higher wages, […]

Pull the other one (as my old mother used to say)

The Remain Campaign makes much of the Single Market.  It is vital for the UK’s trade that we remain in the Single Market.  They still claim that outside the EU we should lose 3½ million jobs.  Trade would falter.  Inward investment would dry up.  So we must stay in the EU – or at the […]

Why Tax Credits Suck

There seems to be a misapprehension in the media, and the public at large, that both the purpose, and the effect, of the introduction of tax credits was to help those on low pay. This is wrong on both counts, let us take the effect first and we shall return to the intention. All taxation, […]

Is William Blake the girl from Pulp’s “Common People”?

Dumb question surely?  They are separated by such small matter as gender, and 200 years which include the work of Marx and Freud! Until you think about it… Lead singer, Jarvis Cocker, sings about the realities of average British late twentieth century life – in comparison to a romanticised view of the working class, typically […]